Snow and Ice

  • Bags of Salt are in the Green Bin in the mouth of the turning bay opposite #2
  • Spare bags are inside the lower bin store
  • The wheelbarrow and two shovels are in the lower bin store, secured by a lock-chain with same code as Gate Entry
  • If significant ice has formed on the slope, the first action will be to open the gates fully to prevent vehicles sliding into them.
  • Open the gate as normal using a your key fob, open the door to the Control Box (just inside the gate) and switch the power off.  Gate will stay in the open position until the action is reversed.
  • Sally used to do all of this!
  • It is best that the slope is cleared and gritted sufficiently before it gets compressed by traffic
  • First on the scene should alert another neighbour to help – it is an arduous task and needs to be shared
  • If in a rush, do your best!
  • The section of Roadway on the upside of gates has no anti-slip grit protection and is therefore (probably) more critical than the lower portion
  • Winter 2019/20: there are probably 15 bags in stock. We have never used more than about 10 in a season before.
  • When the snow has disappeared and the Gate power has been switched back on, it doesn’t just shut automatically. You will need your key fob to activate a movement first. It can sometimes be a fiddle and might need a vehicle to pass through before it returns to normal functioning.
  • Best Value Supplier:
    Guildford Tipper Hire Ltd, Santa Fir Yard
    Guildford Road
    Shamley Green
    GU5 0SQ.  Tel: 01483 277 884
    Cost: £5 per bag