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    • I Kevin, just logged into the website and seen your note re the exterior paint colour. Odd that I didn’t also get an email message but thanks for the info.

      We were all provided with colour records for the interiors (in your owners manual) but are you referring to the colouring of the wooden folding window frames on living room terrace or the metal doors/windows on the bedroom balconies? Will be interested to know if you get this BTW! Roger

      • Roger
        Not the systems fault as I have only just logged on again but the answer to your question is the wooden folding window frames. Kevin

  1. Hi there, my name is Ron Garman and I have just moved into house 11 with my wife Ying and two daughters, Alexis and Siena. Would anyone happen to know where the BT Open Reach Master Socket is located in the houses?

    Kind regards,


  2. Hello All,

    I realised I had spelt my own name incorrectly. My name is Rob Garman and my wife’s Name is Ying. We have two daughters, Alexis and Siena. Our house phone number (which we have registered for gate access is +44 1483 958013.

    We look forward to meeting everyone.

    Kind regards,


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